Most of us have more than we think and packing it can take longer than we think too. Using a storage shed can be a good time to clear things up, give away or sell things and to put similar items together.

Our number 1 tip for packing your self storage shed – the most effecient way to pack your shed is to begin like you’re not going to fit it all in.

Our number 2 tip for packing your self storage shed – place large heavy items at the bottom at the rear of the shed, then work your way forward.

Then pack vertically and use the height.

Label every box clearly and face that label towards the front so that you can see it.

Place items you need more frequently towards the front…keep aside things that you want easy access to… you may want to keep an aisle at the centre of your shed for access.

Overall, this information is a guide. Just use your common sense.

Pack cartons room by room

Label, label. Label boxes clearly and face the labels to the front

Pack the biggest items first and be sensible about the weight of each box

Consider storing items inside clear container bins instead of cardboard boxes

Keep aside things that you want easy access to

You might like to create an overall list of all the things you have

We generally have more than we think, allow enough time for packing

Protect with sheets or old blankets.

Where possible / practical disassemble furniture or remove legs and tape to underside.

Store upright.

If the design allows, stack chairs with paper or cloth in between each chair.

Mattresses should be covered / wrapped in plastic. Store mattresses upright to conserve space.

Fragile electrical equipment is best stored in its original packaging, or other suitable cartons. Use bubble wrap. Pack out any gaps in the cartons and secure any loose, fragile components.

Back up any computers before storing.

Batteries – remove batteries to avoid damage from leaking batteries.

Ensure that they are thoroughly clean / defrosted and dry before storing.

White-goods are best stored with their doors slightly ajar, with a deodoriser inside.

Washing machines – drain water from hoses and tape them to the back of the machine.

To keep your clothes dust and wrinkle free, pack and seal in secure cartons or plastic with mothballs. Moving bags are also ideal for storing linens.

You can also use vacuum bags for the most efficient use of space. Then store the vacuum bags into clearly marked cartons.

These Self Storage Tips can help put a smile on your face when unpacking.

Carefully wrap all fragile items separately in tissue or packing paper and pack in strong cartons.

Place extra packing in the bottom, top, and in between items to ensure that spare space is used up.

Mark each carton as “Fragile”, and label the contents.

Ensure that all fragile items are not stacked under heavy items, and are stored away from any heavy or awkward items.

Artwork and mirrors can be wrapped in bubble wrap paper and corrugated cardboard. Use a double thickness of corrugated cardboard for the corners.

Store them standing on their edge in upright position.

Sort all books and documents into categories and pack flat – not on their spine – in cartons

Be careful not to over fill the cartons or they will be too heavy to lift and move

Another of our Self Storage Tips – ensure that any engines (e.g. mower, whipper snipper) are emptied of petrol or other fuel.

Do not store anything combustible (e.g. petrol, paint and paint thinner, or solvents).

Ensure that any gas cylinders are empty.

Do not store perishables (e.g. plants or food that spoils).

Can be stored in an empty rubbish bins or in secure cartons.

You can wipe with a little oil to prevent rust.

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